Thursday, 14 November 2013

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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Alex Caizergues Sets New Kiteboarding World Record

Alex Caizergues has set a new world speed kiteboarding record (56.62 knots) in Salin-de-Giraud, France this month, beating American rider Rob Douglas who set the last record of 55.65 knots in 2010.

Alex Caizergues kiteboarding

The French kiteboarder came about his world record during the third edition of "Salt and Speed", when the record came.

"I am delighted. It's great, it's fantastic. We validate the capabilities of our spot. We knew for a while that this could happen, we could go very quickly", says Alex Caizergues.

"In a north wind blowing between 45 and 50 knots, I made at least 15 runs and every time I was over 50 knots. I enjoyed a good burst to accelerate."

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

New Airush Wave Kites for 2014

Airush Wave 2014 Kite
A massive hit when it was introduced as part of the 2013, the Airush Wave 2014 is better than ever. The designers have taken on board feedback from riders and created something truly special. The Airush Wave 9m was the stand out kite from the range and it's only been improved for the new season. In addition to a few tweaks to improve the ride of the Airush Wave kites, the company have introduced new sizes. There are now 5 in the range, from a nippy 5m kite, designed for high wind situations to a 12m kite for low wind conditions.

Naturally, the S2AS testers were keen to get their hands on the new Airush Wave and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Phrases like “simply outstanding”, “excellent” and “highly recommended by all of the S2AS team who tested it” were bandied about as we tried to prise the test kite from their hands.

Riding Every Wave

S2AS is based in Poole and we know our local waters better than the backs of our hands. Add up all the hours we've spent on the waves, you get a really big number and good coverage of UK beaches and ride sites around the world. One of the major advantages of the new Airush Wave 2014 range is that it lets you choose the right kite for the right situation. Riding in Poole, a tester said the Airush Wave 9m boasts “an amazing low end power and re-launchability like no other kite I have flown” while the 5m is making a splash over the channel in the Netherlands, where high wind conditions dominate. 


A Joy to Handle

Easy to use and a joy to handle, the new Airush Wave is agile, responsive and well-balanced. It's a versatile kite that lets you ride hooked in or unhooked, switching easily on the water. The Airush Wave is designed to be durable and to take a beating, which is great news for beginners, improver's and anyone who likes to cane it on the waves. As our tester put it: “the Aramid load frame gives added piece of mind as if you happen to crash your kite on the waves, it is much less likely to be damaged.” 

Technical Info

  • Designed for surf riders
  • Lightweight 3 strut design
  • High strength, durable Aramid load frame 
  • UV-resistant, long-lasting Techno Force fabrics
  • High performance V3 bridle system 
  • Available in 5 sizes: 5m, 6m, 7m, 9m and 12m
  • Packs down to a single duffle

Choose your Ride

The Airush Wave 9m is an incredibly versatile kite, but we're still glad that Airush expanded the range to include more sizes. We would happily recommend any of these kites. Depending on your skill level, weight and favourite riding site, you may prefer one of the smaller or larger ones in the range. To discuss your particular needs, simply contact Surface 2 Air Sports directly.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Who said you can't get barrelled in kitesurfing?

Robert Kidnie shows how you can barrel with kite lines deep in the wave!

Rob Kidnie Kitesurfing

It is rare, but yes it has been done. Robert has been travelling around the world kitesurfing and riding some big waves. His most recent trip was to Southeast Asia and transformed what is usually rare into an "easy" task.

"No kite-mares, but some pretty sketchy wipeouts. I got dragged by three waves one time, when I dropped it in a wave. That was scary! But both me and my kite survived", says Kidnie.

Riding a wave with a kite is much like surfing, the hard part is the kite. You need to get the kite lines coming out of the barrel, almost parallel to the sea level, avoiding the wave lip to hit them, as much as possible.


Anything is possible and theres no limits in the kiting world!!


Thursday, 7 November 2013

WeOutThere - 3 Unemployed Snowboarders!

3 unemployed snowboarders (Ethan Morgan, Mario Kaeppeli and Flo Corzelius) risking themselves to get nasty stitches! All three of them are trying to make it from rags to riches. Check out their crazy video here:


Because of Snowboarding - Marco Feichtner - Episode 4

Episode 4 stars Marco Feichtner makes snowboarding look easy. However this has not been the case, Marco thrives on hard work and its ingrained in his blood to always 'go hard' - he has some serious dedication.

"Work hard and you will reach your dreams!" - Marco Feichtner

Profile of Marco Feichtner

He lives big, both on the snow and off of it. When he's not snowboarding, Marco has a passion for art especially hand engraving masterpieces. 


Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Team Rider Conor Floyd

Team rider Conor Floyd wakeboarding this autumn! Check out his video here:

Friday, 1 November 2013

Because of Snowboarding – Episode 3 – Alex Cantin

This episode's star, Alex Cantin gives his account of snowboarding. Alex explains “When I was young, my dream was to be a hockey player, but the thing I didn't like about hockey was the rules. I realised snowboarding was what I wanted to do. Snowboarding is freedom.”

Profile of Alex Cantin

He is a really down to earth guy and he has a brilliant clean riding style that is so common among those French Canadian guys!

Have a look at his personal story here...


Monday, 28 October 2013

Pingtan Big Air Competition 2013

4 kiteboarding winners

The PKRA Pingtan Big Air Competition was held in China this year and these kiteboarding events are slowly entering the pro-scene. The show brings in a lot of media and crowds as riders fly high in the sky to impress the judging panel.

Sebastein won the Big Air contest followed by Reno Romeu, Mario Rodwald and Oswald Smith. There were great winds and perfect conditions for some big jumps out of the waves. Alex Pastor was crowned the new World Freestyle Kiteboarding Champion.

Reno Romeu from Brazil set the Guinness World Record for the most number of spins in a jump – recording a total of seven spins. Romeu says spinning really isn't the hard part; sticking the landing is much more difficult and the most important part. “So I feel pretty good; when I landed, I was like ‘Whoa, I did it!’ It’s pretty cool,” said Romeu.


Thursday, 24 October 2013

Profile of Wakeboarder Brandon, aged 13

We have just come across a sick little rider, Brandon. At the age of 13 he quickly learnt how to wakeboard and he has really made an impression on us. We wanted to share this with you guys along with some photographs.

Brandon, age 13

Brandon Wakeboarding

Brandon lives in Leigh, Lancashire and has been wakeboarding since May 2013 at Salford Wake Park. His first competition was in the summer at Blackpool and despite being new to cable wakeboarding; Brandon came first in his category. His second competition in Liverpool also saw him come in first place more recently in September.

Brandon 1st Place

Brandon is a dedicated rider and after winning his second competition his parents realised how much potential he had with his style. He has been practicing all summer; each time improving his skills with his coach Matt Boote. His coach said “he had it” and described him as “rhythmically aggressive”.

Brandon Wakeboarding Skills

He has participated in seven competitions so far, winning all of them and is now the regional champion for the North. Brandon has 2 more competitions left on the Grass Roots Tour 2013 and this weekend he is going to Club Wake, where he will be Regional Champion for the Midlands. His last competition is at Glasfryn Wake Park on 2nd November and hopefully (fingers crossed) he will be the National Champion, winning 9 out of 9 competitions.

Wakeboarding jump

1st Place

Things couldn't get any better for Brandon right now and it’s remarkable at how well he is performing after only five months of wakeboarding – what a star! He absolutely loves wakeboarding and his second passion is snowboarding. Great work Brandon!


Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Shinn Supershinn 2013 Review

Main Info

This board delivers all in just one board – speed, control, pop, grip and drive! The new Shinn Supershinn which was released last year takes a step up from the last board. It features Hydro-Flo tail conduits, a new custom tuned flex for each size, a constant curve rocker, progressive concave and a new Sneaker X foot bed system. The Supershinn gives you great performance in the toughest conditions as well as in perfect conditions. There are no limits!


The design for the Supershinn is plaid checkers - now I know this isn't everyone’s cup of tea but you’ll definitely stand out on the beach for sure. Keeping the design to one side for the moment, we take a look at how well it is made. You can be assured that you have a great board in your hands as it’s been well crafted and designed with care.

There are a couple of differences with this board including the new pad and strap set-up. The new set are extremely soft, with no rubbing (bonus!), they completely cover your feet and just work so well! We would say this is definitely amongst the top range of pads and straps out there right now.

The base of the board doesn't have any unfamiliar features other than between the constant curve rocker and those hydro-flo conduits, there is a good formula for smoothness and ironing out the right edges on twin-tips and this doesn't affect the performance.

The board is comfortable and is an all-round performance board. If you’re more of an intermediate rider, then this board is perfect for you as it’s racier.


The Supershinn performs and creates an excellent pop. It’s a board you can rely on in all conditions, as this board is very responsive and is great for all kinds of riding!


137 x 44cm
136 x 42cm
135 x 41cm
134 x 40cm

Where to Buy?

You can buy the Shinn Supershinn here at S2AS for £599.99 (updated 22.10.13).

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Top Ski Fails of October 2013

Take a look at the best epic ski fails from October 2013. Remember to always wear protective gear, for times like these.

Get your ski gear here.


Monday, 21 October 2013

9 of the Most INSANE Wingsuit Flying Video's Ever!

One of the most dangerous sport in the world is ‘Wingsuit Flying’. This sport involves flying through the air in a special jumpsuit, called a wingsuit – material between the legs and under the arms creates surface area to the body and gives an increase in lift.

Now, it does seem crazy that someone would want to do this, but there are many who do! All wingsuit flyers know the risks and understand that theres a strong chance that they will die doing it.

Here are the top 9 most insane videos ever…

9. Scotty Bob

8. Jeb Corliss – Tianman Cave
Flies through a massive hole in a mountain

7. Jeb Corliss – Waterfall
Flies through a waterfall – extremely dangerous!

6. Jeb Corliss – Chinese Dagger

5. Dream Lines 4

4. Jeb Corliss – Balloons
Flies through some balloons

3. Ludovic Woerth & Jokke Sommer – Urban Wingsuit in Rio de Janeiro
One of the most dangerous wingsuit flights

2. Alexander Pollo
This is impressive but insane!

1. Crazy Close in Norway


Strapless Kitesurfing - Patri McLaughlin

Patri McLaughlin takes a trip to Indonesia and takes on the wind and waves. He kiteurfs strapless and rides some great surf. Patri manipulates the shallow reefs and racks up some serious barrel time. Take a look at his epic journey here:

Videography: Indo Kenny
Photography: Jason Wolcott
Edit: Rick Dobrowski


Friday, 18 October 2013

Blanchard Brothers - One Day

Check out this cool video from the Blanchard Brothers. There having a great time shredding together and you can see them training with a bar in their back yard. Video here...

Monday, 14 October 2013

The Reels 2013

The Reels is the only snowboarding film festival that honours the best productions and riders of the year. The Reels takes a look at all the latest films and web series and is back for the second year in Annecy, France.

How else would you want to start the winter season other than being in a HUGE cinema with all the film crews/riders, eating popcorn and having massive drinking sessions?!

30 films were rolled out at the three day event. Friday night included the Golden Reels Ceremony which awarded all of this year’s films and riders with various titles. The Reels 2013 was hosted by Dingo and Danny Kass and the judges included Eddie Wall, Peter Line, David Benedek, Nico Droz and Ingemar Backman.

Photographs of some of the Winners

The Nike Crew winning their award
Best Movie: The Nike Crew - Never Not

Postland Theory Crew winning their award
Best AM Film: Postland Theory Crew

 Halldor Helgason getting his award
Best Male Performance: Halldor Helgason

Desiree Melancon collecting her award
Best Female Performance: Desiree Melancon

Justin Fronius collecting his award
Best Newcomer: Justin Fronius

The Award Winners:

Best Movie: Never Not Part 1 - Nike
Best AM: Periscoping by Postland Theory
Best Documentary: Never Not Part 2 - Nike
Best Web Episode: Cooking With Gas 2
Best Cinematography: Distorted Reality - Pirates
Best Male Performance: Halldor Helgason (in Never Not Part 1)
Best Female Performance: Desiree Melancon
Best Jib Segment: Louif Paradis
Best Back Country Shot: Gigi Rüf
Best Newcomer: Justin Fronius
Judges Favourite: Scott Stevens


Thursday, 10 October 2013

Kiteboarder Jumps 70ft!

Alex Arseneault jumps 70ft

Alex Arseneault jumps 70ft whilst kiteboarding in Iles-de-la-Madeleine, Canada. This huge jump was reached in 45 knots wind condition. Check out the video below...

Monday, 7 October 2013

New from Airush: the Slayer Race Board

Airush's new Slayer kiteboard
Making the most of every day is the theme of Airush's new Slayer kiteboard. Designed for light wind and flat water conditions, the Slayer is a fun board for experienced riders and a good choice for learners and improvers. Its unusual design means that it does its job well, helping you stay on the sea when other kites can't, but also gives it a few interesting twists.

Great for Still Water

The weather doesn't always cooperate, and Airush the Slayer is designed to take advantage of light winds and still water. It's not designed to hop waves, and that shows in the performance in rougher conditions.

If you're new to kiteboarding, or even as a more established rider, you may be wondering why this is an exciting development. With wind and wave conditions varying dramatically around the British coast, it's a definite advantage to be able to get out on the sea in low wind conditions and still be able to move around. The Airush Slayer makes the most of a light wind, keeping it fun for the rider. It's a great tool to have in your arsenal, and if your nearest boarding patch often has light winds on days you want to ride then it's a worthwhile investment.

Airush's Slayer kiteboard

Great for Learners and Improvers

The Airush Slayer has an unusual configuration, but that doesn't mean it's for experts only. The Slayer is designed to be used without straps, and is a good choice if you're transitioning or trying out this style of riding. The Slayer features what Airush call an 'Arch Bar Pad', a raised bar that fits under the arch of your foot, giving you that extra degree of control.

If you're starting to do tricks, the Airush Slayer's a good choice, too, as it's neat design makes it easy to handle backwards and forwards. It's not a twin-tip, but the 45 degree angle at the tail does its job, making it easier to handle fin first than many other boards.

Technical Info

  • Directional board
  • Designed to be used without straps
  • 2 or 3 straps provided
  • Up to 5 fins
  • Double planning surface
  • Strake nose
  • Large board - 54cm or 60cm wide
Side of Airush's Slayer

Customise your Ride

While the Airush Slayer is designed to be used without footstraps, there's space for either two or three straps, so you can customise your board to suit your style. You can also select the number of fins. While most boards come with three fins, the Slayer can have up to five. Increasing the fins and altering the layout gives you quite a different ride, so it's worth experimenting.

The Slayer comes in two board sizes, and the different sizes come with different hardware as standard. The 154 x 54cm board comes with 2 footstraps and 13cm fins, while the larger 165 x 60cm board comes with 3 footstraps and 15cm fins.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Greetings from Argentina

Customers Adam and Sonia recently bought some gear from us from their Snowkiting trip to Argentina! Here's what they had to say:

Hi Angelo,

Hope things are good back in sunny Dorset. Just a quick message to let you know how grateful we are of your help with our gear for our trip. As you can see from the photo's we have great conditions to use it all!

Adam & Sonia


Awesome photograph!




Tuesday, 1 October 2013

NOBILE 2014 New Website

Nobile celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2014 and what better way to celebrate than with a brand new website!!

Nobiles 2014 New Website

We sell loads of Nobile gear and everyone knows you get the best quality from this brand. The kites and kiteboards are smooth, durable and offer peak performance but are made with safety and comfort in mind. You will always get the best experiences with Nobile!

There newest team video can be seen here: