Monday, 21 June 2010

Nobile N62 2010 Kite Review

Size Tested: 10 m
Style: Delta shape, three strut hybrid

Voted Best Relaunch!

The N62 is the second generation of the Nobile kite that guarantees its riders maximum safety and confidence as they take their riding to the next level. The Delta Evolution shape gives a reduced aspect ratio, and a lightweight three strut design offer superior stability, direct handling, and instant re-launch.

Control Bar and Safety Systems
The Nobile four line control bar is covered in our review of the Nobile T5; for more information click here to read that review.

On the Water
The Nobile N62 feels direct and responsive, with quick pivotal turns and depower that comes on within arm’s reach. This kite really proves why the delta shape has gained such popularity over the past couple of years. It feels solid and comfortable in flight and builds confidence quickly with its ease of use. Compared to some delta designs the N62 has less length and sweep in the wing tips and uses a lower aspect three strut frame. The result is a kite with a good balance of top-end performance and simple point-and-go flying character.

The long centre strut with its deep chord and canopy depth give the N62 good low-end power and grunt and lends stability even through gusty winds or erratic bar input. With great stability, the N62 flies with a smooth predictable style. It sits back in the window slightly keeping stable and giving constant feedback from the kite. This is also a great kite for wave riding. With the quick pivotal turning and the excellent drift and sink back character the N62 simple control can let you concentrate on riding the waves.

With less wing tip than some of the other Delta shapes out there, there is a crisp and direct feel to the pivotal turning of the N62. It will drive you to the right spot on the wave and keep you there. Water re-launch is super fast also, with easy pivoting of the N62 wide centred body. Quick and nimble with plenty of get-up-and-go, the N62 is ideal for both progressing rider and advanced wave riders.

Reality Check
The N62 design doesn’t boost the biggest height jumps, and it isn’t as quick upwind as some of the faster pulling, and higher aspect deltas.

Bottom Line
The N62 is a grunty point-and-go kitesurfing kite that lets the rider concentrate on simply riding. It has sufficient versatility and performance to satisfy the progressing rider into more advanced stages.